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PlayStation 4 & Xbox One


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Following yesterday’s Future of PlayStation tease from Sony, new rumors suggest that the PlayStation 4 will be announced this month, released this year and may even let players share videos and screenshots directly.

Anonymous sources have told both Polygon and The Wall Street Journal that the event will indeed be the announcement of Sony’s next console and that Sony is aiming to release the system before the end of the year. The Wall Street Journal suggests that Sony “is planning to incorporate more social gaming aspects into the new machine” and “is more focused this time on the changes in how users interact with the machine.”

Edge Online, meanwhile, also reports that the next PlayStation will be out before the end of the year in the U.S. and Japan (but early 2014 in Europe) and says it will be more powerful than the next console from Microsoft. The system will allegedly feature a redesigned controller, which fits with rumors of Sony abandoning the DualShock that circulated earlier this month. According to Edge, the system “will ship with a redesigned controller which is the same size as an existing DualShock but features a small touchpad in place of the existing Select, Start and PS buttons. The tech is based on Vita’s rear touchpad, and is similarly responsive in use.”



Edge also refers to specific elements of the controller mentioned in a leaked list of specs last week. Specifically, Edge says Sony’s new controller will feature a Share button that will “launch a new feature that will allow screenshots and video to be distributed online.” The system will reportedly “continually record the most recent 15 minutes of onscreen action, which users will then be able to edit and broadcast via the Internet.”

For now, the future of PlayStation is uncertain, but Sony told IGN yesterday "The PlayStation meeting will be about the future of the PlayStation business." Our PlayStation team will attend Sony’s event in New York City later this month, so keep checking back for confirmed news as it’s announced.



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WSJ: Sony will use Gaikai streaming tech to play PS3 games on the PS4





We're just a few days away from Sony's February 20th "see the future of" PlayStation event where we expect to see the next edition of its home console, and the rumor mill is buzzing. The latest one tonight comes from the Wall Street Journal, with a report that connects Sony's $380 million purchase of cloud gaming service Gaikai last year with a method to provide backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 4. The WSJ reports Sony has been "investing heavily" in preparing Gaikai for an influx of PS4-equipped gamers, while also developing better cameras for its Move and the DualShock+touchpad controllers we've seen recently.

What's not revealed however, is any potential pricing plan, or whether cloud games will work users existing cloud saves. While buying fully digital copies of games we already own is less than appealing, if Sony can implement something like the abandoned UMD-to-PSP Go "good will" plan, then there may be benefits for all.



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Hopefully the next generation will see the end of consumable media aka the compact disk

With the slow deaths of the high street retailers I think this will most likely be the case

[email protected] hoplually

Have you seen how much games are when you buy off psn or xbl ?

I myself will never pay 60 note for a game tbh

Yeah it is a pisstake


Vita games are the worst, how can I see games going for £45 joke ting


But im pretty sure they are doing that to help sustain the industry which does still depend on retailers 


Look at steam, when they have their sales games are dirt cheap 

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hate downloading games

fuck that


how about streaming?

fuck that, unless its over my phone


allow crushing pre-owned games


how about subscribing? instead of buying one game, you pay a certain amount a month and can pay any game you like, as you as your subscription is live (this isnt happening, i dont think, just something that popped in my head)

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