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PlayStation 4 & Xbox One


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Fifa 14 exclusives only on Xbox

Sony must be fuming right now

Fifa is probs top 3 selected in the gaming world..

They will have something similar on ps4, ea know how to get money


Not if they have a partnership with MS


Like geo said, some devil partnership.   MS probs paid a silly amount for them EA cunts 



EA are going to eat of FIFA 14 UT :lol:

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Think the fifa is just exclusive UT shit.

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Gotta say I liked it... It's made me want an XBox for the first time. Although from the 2 reveals I'm 50/50. Really liked the quick switching between games/tv etc and the voice control. Obviously not a fan of the pad still.


PS4 having the immediate playable demos and the share button etc....


It's all up in the air right now.

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IGN were touching on something said earlier. Something about XBox mentioning you can go round to your mates house and play your games... As in, if you have games installed on your console via this new Cloud sh*t they are using, you can just get the games up on your mates console and play them too. Wonder if that is legit... Doesn't seem viable.

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