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PlayStation 4 & Xbox One


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PS3 had it but like I said, it never got used. I can safely say out of all my own friends and family who own a PS3 none of them used it for media streaming or playing music.... It's a games console. PS4 has been billed as a games console, for gamers to play games. Microsoft went down a different route with it's media device to take over the living room. The extras are nice for the tech geeks who need all that stuff, the average person is just gonna switch on, load up a game and play. Kinda like XBox not having a Blu Ray player & you needing 2 discs when PS3 only needed one for games, it didn't really affect you that much now did it?

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I know lots of people that used their PS3 to watch films and shows!


If you don't have a smart TV, how do you watch the latest films/shows on your big screen?  



If they never had it before, fair enough, but they did!  


Makes no sense imo, just gone backwards for no reason.  I'm sure they will allow it in the future after a few complaints 

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I know a ton of people who used their ps3's media capabilities and are pretty pissed off with this announcement, especially when it has been revealed this late.


Sucks about COD's resolution but i doubt i would of bought it anyway.




snap function looking decent on the xbone. Could see it being useful. Especially for jokes with VIP2 guys.

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Taking into consideration people are using External HDD's I would guess they had a PC or Laptop to watch the content on already. Like I said I don't know a single person who used their PS3 and some media connected device to their PC for streaming. I used NetFlix etc and that was about it. I've never stuck any MP3 CD or anything into it to listen to music either but am sure the odd person might. No idea why they have removed the ability to do all the stuff which they previously had? Maybe they will explain but I doubt it will be the deciding factor for people buying a machine. I got relatives who bash PS3 constantly and don't even have the Internet in their homes.



The COD Resolution issue.... Is the difference with 1080p and 720p noticeable? Thought you needed some huge TV before it becomes a difference.

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Had a go on killer instinct last night at a mates place. Looks solid.

Played some other game that was total trash and looked like a joke.

Basically you control a motorcycle in a race. The rider has fallen off but his leg is still caught on the bike and he is being dragged along as you drive around the race track.

Can't believe it actually got made.

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