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Oliver Giroud


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forget about starts hes scored a goal every 189mins compared to tevez every 193 minutes regardless I dont see the point talking about stats, hes having a decent first season but its true that hes missed a lorry load of chances & has and will cost us points especially the way we're playing at the moment - he should be backup to a better striker IMO based on what hes shown this season didnt see much of him at montpellier so dont know if theres more to come but hes looked poor when ive seen him playing with france 

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hes bagged though

Lets not pretend that he hasn't

If we are being honest this season has been a pretty high scoring season for many players but saying that he still only has 9 in the league.

Lets put that into context.

Le Fondre, Lukaku, Lambert, Fletcher, Benteke all have more than him.

Lets put it into equal context

Hes scored more than

£30M Carlos Tevez

£50M Fernando Torres

And has scored as many as £38M Sergio Aguero

35 million Carroll too

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Beckford woulda bagged 20 in an Arsenal shirt by now.

Do you give him head?


Why would sick shit like that enter your mind?


I just think he's 1 of the most natural finishers I've seen in the last 15 years and find it sad guys like that don't get top team chances anymore.

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