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Oliver Giroud


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Podolski's form last season as a CF in a struggling Koln team plus the fact that he has around the same amount of league goals as Giroud with around half the shots(to be exact: 8 goals, 41 shots vs 9 goals, 84 shots). Also I think in and around the box he would be more mobile than Giroud and would definitely put away some of the big chances Giroud has missed.

I hear what you're saying about Podolski looking lazy at times which is another reason why I wouldn't put him on the wing asking him to track the runs of wingers and full backs for 90mins. Instead put him in the middle with less defensive responsibilities so he conserve his energy and use his pace in short bursts.(them last few lines sounds like I'm talking about Arshavin all over again)


Minus the finishing I don't mind Giroud. He probably would've settled in better with a team that played to his strengths(direct more, more crosses etc.) but I think he'll come good next season.

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I've conceded the goals point. TBH there is no argument there at all, as my thoughts on Giroud's finishing has been consistent.


I'm thinking about the team now, Walcott offers pace and Giroud height, they both will chase down and can actually complete 90minutes.


Podolski is the luxury that replaced Arshavin, and just like Arshavin until Wenger is forced to play him centrally it won't happen.

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Podolski is clean our most clinical player and has had a pretty good first season for someone that's played on the left, gets subbed all the time and been in and out the team.


Scored some important goals for us this year as well, Podolski > Giroud shouldnt even be an debate.

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Every time he won the ball in the air we never got the 2nd ball or anything decent out of it. I felt sorry for him. Might as well have hauled him off and stuck Wally thru the middle.

Wally was playing through the middle anyway

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I think he will be better next season


It's clear we can't rely on him this season


remember he went to the world cup last year


nice break, strong pre season behind him, I think he can start strongly next year and pick up momentum 15+ in the league

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