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The Vip2 Awards

Davicious X

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I guarantee an extra 100 users 70 who will be sexy girls from Essex.

Plus I promise to ban Goliath, John Doe, jas, JJ and haze-e

I should be one of your favourite people you coon. Do you know how many man saved you getting punched up at your own rave?

Be humble. I don't mind banter but don't violate.

Then there is the truth who was I with u would never of touched me but didn't I spend the next 3 days calling you offering u change Iceberg man thinks its a few years on he can change the truth(beg u mist have an archive to the old messages ). If its not like that let's have it out tonight. Look after your daughter and settle chad.

Killer is u have actually seen me about since then joker

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Mike be real I never wanted to come no one hence me calling him three days straight with no answer ad he thought someone thought they grassed about his later bad man talk which I never found out about until a week later mate I was there my two boris were there, totty, bow and Stamford hill

Man dem I know since 11 what did I have to be scared about at all

Mike stop


Or I will

Be in


On Saturday

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