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Illegal file sharing


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Yeah we get that torrents are convenient and easy, but they are too hot. You can easily see the ip addresses of everyone that is seeding you a file


Then join invite only sites, people don't get shut down on there


The amount and quality of downloads I get on my torrent sites >>>

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and the films he's mentioned are ones i watched. 


What films did you download?


I'd imagine a lot depends on that aswell.


Don't think it would


7 films


django, skyfall, the hobbit, taken 2, prometheus, bourne legacy and looper


what i don't get is that all these films were in english and germans watch all their movies dubbed


i wanne know how these people are finding out who downloads what

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I miss topsites :(

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I miss topsites :(

How many people "take from here as an example" can you really trust in now a days for something like that..



zero. but them early broadband times were different. Cant believe i hosted that ukg hub hitting 500 connections on my 128k home connection 24/7 for a good few months :lol:


You could never think of doing something like that in 2013

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