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Mr. Martinez

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there's no need to delete anything


there's hardly any revelations in this thread


just some of us have been idle for a while


rightly pointed out zoot, that's the most amazing thng about this


that's why am very confused as to what the possibilities actually are 


it's fully fucking anonymous




UK law enforcement has no real answer to this kind of drug dealing, carried out across national borders, with no real names to track the dealers down with, no middlemen or small-time clockers to lean on. Local cops think in terms of local dealers; we're sleepwalking into a situation where many forces don't even know it is going on. Organisations like SOCA (soon to be folded into the National Crime Agency) are aware of the capability gap they have, but with budgets being slashed all round, there is no money for the kind of heavy-grade data analysis that would be needed to track people down.



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I clicked a link from one of the directories into a discussion forum for paedophiles. There were no pictures and it was in the typical forum style so I knew none would simply pop up.


It was very interesting, and obviously sickening. It was all so matter of fact, talks about how and if they should proceed, how to not hurt the child and stuff. All safe to read, very odd.


Repeat: None of it was porn, it was just discussion - terrible terrible discussion.


Edit: I also remember a deep web wiki article of a list of child porn stars, complete with age and description. Fucking weird place, like looking into a world where child porn is legal.


Nahhhhh what the fuckkk


How can this sort of stuff exist


That is disgusting


I feel sick


Humans >>>




Has to be one of the worst things I have ever read


How can they let this sort of thing happen ffs

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i still dont understand how/why TOR is funded by the us government

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