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Mr. Martinez

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couldnt do it either

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1 hour ago, Mr. Martinez said:

You get it sorted? 

Worst form I've ever seen. 

yeah i managed to fix it but it was past the deadline so i missed the discount.

I worked out the issue was with the image upload. Both were showing a preview but one of them wasn't actually uploading the image.

Between the email registration and terrible kyc form i don't know what to think. These are BASIC things that we take for granted should work.

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9 hours ago, time_bomb said:

Who me? Ive got a full time job + my projects on the side. This is just something else I want to get involved in when I have a spare minute.


8 hours ago, Everyone's Uncle said:



yeah i you know i'm only jokin lads

give me some credit


we used to MAKE things in this country

now all we do is move around the concept of currency

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