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Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency / ICO / NFT Topic

Mr. Martinez

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Thing is every other currency isn't made of a single value coin

Pound has pence

Dollar has cents

Euro again cents


What about bitcoin? Surely if the value is gonna keep rising soon u won't be able to buy anything

Or am I missing something like a bitcoin can be split into any amount?

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Bitcoins was the topic on LBC last night lol

Host and callers were pretty clueless going on like it was some free paypal or something.

Oh and to answer my own question from yesterday the bitcoins can be split into 0.1's which are going for about a £10-£15 each.

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quite fucked

When the point where all methods of braking this thing have been exhausted and it's definitely going to work. When it gets to that point, your 1 bitcoin could be worth a ridiculous amount.

I'm forever thankful to the person that schooled me on this and allowed me to be part of this thing with absolutely no outlay whatsoever.


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lol some mad currency

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