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Mr. Martinez

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In still a bit sore about the dumb losses. Still doing small accumulation bits on BTC every other month though.  

I think most people are hoping well have another run from December to Feb like last year. I'm not so sure. 

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I think it will be sooner, within the next 6 months

cboe and bakx etf's will lay the foundations for institutional money to flow in

there's unconfirmed reports that coinbase are going to add many other assets, etc was added 2 months ago

xrp will probably be next and xrp's pumping and dipping in the last 5 days was nuts, for 5 hours or so it actually overtook eth as number 2 lol

market cap went from $16 ish bill to $27 ish bill in hours, mad ting

you best believe man took profits


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