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guy heard group and came rushing in   

In this game you have to sign up to the white list and ask questions later because there are some projects you don't think are all that but they end up having ridiculous hype once the white list is cl

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I knew this existed ,just never tried to access

the internet is a awful enough place ,don't even wanna go to the darkside

think the worst I Stumbled apon was a forum where they encourage and talk about self harm

scared my mind for a while

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so without me havin to read up too much hows the best way to buy these shits, n how do i sell them off, n could i do it quickly if needed


is any1 in the kno?


check out the gbp chart




quadrupled value in the past 2 months, was pretty much stagnant for months before then


hasnt seen prices like this as far back as that chart goes


i assume a crash is imminent but it aint half tempting

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personally wouldnt buy them for storage purchases as it looks like the price is inflated right now, crash imminent as local said, fucking awesome idea aswell if you know hackers and own this business, can induce inflation and then crash it when u sold to buy more


deffinately whats going on

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