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All i can say is OUCH

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Disease causes tragic toddler’s head to swell up like a balloon



A HEARTBROKEN dad cradles his 18-month-old daughter, who suffers from a rare disorder which has caused her head to swell up three times its normal size.

Roona Begum, from Agartala, in north eastern India has hydrocephalus - a build up cerebrospinal fluid inside her skull.

Sufferers experience loss of coordination and speech and in long-term cases it can result in mental disability and death.

A treatment is available, in which doctors drain the fluid, but it isn't available on India's version of the NHS.

Roona's dad, 26-year-old Abdul Rahman, earns less than £2 a day working in a brick factory and can't afford to pay for her to be treated privately.

India's rural development minister bitterly criticised the country's public health system in a speech last November - claiming the government was failing to provide enough help for the poor.






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how the f*ck does the skin stretch so much????

Come on look at the whales out there with guts way bigger than her head

Human body is a crazy invention

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This just made me incredibly sad

The fact that all the dad can do is just cradle

I just spend £8.70 on 10 and 20p sweets and that's almost mans weekday wage


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Nah fam I cant even live that

Doesnt really affect me when its adults, but with kids it just kills me

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