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Pics of chicks we have beat

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The lack of pics so far is disheartening.. so thought fuck it  

Them ones Mans hands mooshed into Lewis's crusty spunk     Unluck

How can man say she don't know who I am? What did you say to her? "Shadz do you know Lieutenant off Vip2?

lmaooo didier zipora u kna lmaoooooo


Kerser what was the beat saying?


Was alryt! This was years back though!

Met her around Palmers Green..........

How du know her (have u beat) 

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no, I beat Kezra (for clarity, I have photoshopped Zipporah out of the original picture)




was treating her very seriously as well, she had that potential, until I noticed she was one of them habitual raver chicks that I can't stand.


girl would rave twice a week, every week, could never be wifey.


would still like to thank the transparency of this site for confirming the above, which is why I feel no way to post bicches in here and see what I can learn.

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Guest chap44uns

Who the brookside dj on here? Zeke?

Oi Zeke, do you know one chick called Epiphany, welsh chick who works in clubs in liverpool?


i hate ppl that namedrop like this


and what if he knows her


does she know you?

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