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Pics of chicks we have beat

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The lack of pics so far is disheartening.. so thought fuck it  

Them ones Mans hands mooshed into Lewis's crusty spunk     Unluck

How can man say she don't know who I am? What did you say to her? "Shadz do you know Lieutenant off Vip2?

Guest Chelsea Jack

usually people that return tone down thier trollery 


only one who hasnt has been jas aka heskey - give it time he'll be back to his old ways


defo think diddybop is venom


gay fok


Nah fella i cba trolling on here no more, u all kno my style so it's dead


i jus wanna be a normal user  :)

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Guest Chelsea Jack

trust me mate


i don't really even kno how to troll


i just have bants



i have a word with ice to let u back on here, i stick up for u now and this is how u repay me. kl


see the highlighted in yellow

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Guest Chelsea Jack



Denial overruled

o apart from colluding(sp) or perhaps canoodling(sp) is a better word with eric to hack my personal computer to gain access to admin status


got a way with words

should become a rapper



think the word he was lookin for was conspiring 

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