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Pics of chicks we have beat

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The lack of pics so far is disheartening.. so thought fuck it  

Them ones Mans hands mooshed into Lewis's crusty spunk     Unluck

How can man say she don't know who I am? What did you say to her? "Shadz do you know Lieutenant off Vip2?

18 hours ago, Young Bape said:

In 2005 or 2007 when ever it was Trap God had a diss track towards Kano. To think how far and legendary Kano went on to become gold selling albums, mobo awards, singles that charted, tours around the world, successful acting career staring in a show that was on prime time tv, brit award nominations. Yes he a very talented dude but part of the success came from being a like able type of dude. Real easy going chill personality. Same type of personality Stormzy has. Where as look at where Trap God is now 10 years after dissing Kano


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33 minutes ago, Heero Yuy said:

She's any dusty lost in the weed,38 year old, working part time in retail, pushing a silver x reg 206, living off super noodles.

I would feel unemployed just talking to her.

I beg u post a pic of one of urs then lets compare if u wanna chat

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1 hour ago, PascalMoriarty said:

Young Bape trying to side step rabona flick away the fact he claimed an unknown as a ting he beat and you lot are allowing him to digress then fuckry.

@Young Bape explain nuh? 

I think ice needs to give him a new avator 

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29 minutes ago, Kim said:

Errrrrrrrrr that fat white slag with the angles fuck off 

pmsl, i'm not even here to defend a girl who I beat 6/7 years ago.

But you seem to be getting abit defensive regarding the dusty empress, how long you been lost in that sauce bro?

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