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Professional Afro-Caribbean/Black Barbers London

Captain Planet

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Go to a proper white barber and you're looking £40+ :rofl:

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Thats mental tbh

turkish barbers are everywhere now 

no need to be paying them prices for them scissor only haircuts you man get


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I tend to go to the barbers and hairdressers 

£5 for a shave(not even a shave it’s to trim the beard down a little bit and shape up)


£20 to wash and blow dry styled into an Afro.

I tend to tip good if I am looking to break hairdresser and client privilege in the future.

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54 minutes ago, JOHN DOE said:

i cut my hair once a week 

you arfe crazy to think i will be paying 88 a month for a trim - madness 

That can't be good for di hairline.

How much your normally pay?

22 minutes ago, Wavant said:

I'm particular though, if the taper aint making me look like a black Hollywood superstar I'd be upset.


My barber has been on form for the past 2 years... consistently walk out with that early 2000 Steve Harvey sharpness

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