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Professional Afro-Caribbean/Black Barbers London

Captain Planet

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8 minutes ago, Drift said:

That can't be good for di hairline.

How much your normally pay?


My barber has been on form for the past 2 years... consistently walk out with that early 2000 Steve Harvey sharpness

£supposed to be £12 but i give £15 each time sometmes 20 

i have to trim the every week as my hair goes QUICK 

literally the within 24 hrs  my hairline is growing and looking all kinds of madness 

after a week i start to look like a grizzly bear and my face starts itching and i get a rash 

as soon as i trim the face clears up - anyone else experience this phenomenon? 

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3 hours ago, JOHN DOE said:


say wha?


How often do you trim?

Even me too tbh. Once a week. My barber charges 12. I just give him 15. Maybe I buy food or snacks too. Since I take out a scores at the atm, I just consider the whole ordeal 20 quid.

If I could do away with Travel&Time costs & for him to come to me instead, I’d happily give him the 20 instead. 

The convienience of it is very appealing to me & for someone to come to you and trim you up, it’s deec imo. 

I still wish I lived near my barbers though lol 

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I pay £10.

Started going down the weekly trim route back in October/November but fell off.

Usually go every 2-3 weeks depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going.

Hairlines slipping as it is, just like to keep everything neat. After a week I look rough imo lool

Pissed my barber moved, was literally round the corner from my house. So convenient, now gotta go out my way.

Theres two barbers near mine one I went to originally but noticed he pushes my hairline back too far. Don’t get me wrong it’s sharp when he does it but yeah you’ve pushed my shit back too much to get the sharpness. 

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Cut hair every few weeks get a shape up and beard every friday or occasion which ever comes first 

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Got a trim just b4 lock down so been around 3 weeks now 

Always wanted to let my hair grow out to see how it looks and now with nothing to do nowhere to go ect this is the perfect opportunity!

I got clippers so If I decide enough is enough it'll just be a 1 level ting. No shape-up 

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