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GF cut her hair


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she has mentioned cutting her hair a few times in the past but this was done jokingly (or so i assumed)

when she revealed the ting i was in shock saying why did u do that for, is it a joke etc etc

later on she had the nerve to say 'u didnt even say it looked nice or words to that effect'

i just turned the other way and went to sleep


Its funny but its deep still

Dons gyal dont rate him

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came to post a funny about tranny etc etc


read the pain in his post


leave it



Imagine a woman you cared about shaved off her fucking head fuck


tough decisions being forced upon you

I personally like long hair, had ex girls tell me


"You think I should cut my hair"

"I'm thinking about getting my hair cut short again"

"Do you think it would suit me if I cut my hair short?"


Straight serious face and tell them I would lock it instantly

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I do see a lot of females doing the Big Chop these days cutting all of the relaxer out of their hair, however I cut my hair off not too much away from that just over 3 months ago and my hair is waist length now so be prepared to see her in 3 or 4 years time looking banging.

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