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The Ball Watching Thread

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say listen im willing to crash and burn in a packed tube in the hugh grant style just to get yr digits so how about it   then she says awkward   then the whole carriage says awkward   and u real

i see nice girls with waycemen n i cant help but take them im like whos this guy, im takin ur girl she can lose this guy    

The mum saw harmless Lens.   The dad saw the real Lens.

he means hesitating on making an approach to a female when she is showing signs of interest 


poor tbh because if you're watching the ball(the girl) then it should be ok




only thing alcohol lets me do is listen to chicks and tolerate there nonsense when sober i get bored very very quickly and can walk away if shes not interesting me (where as if i  got juice in the system) she can talk about anything and i can pretend to care

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If it's walking past i won't approach

However if iam standing somewhere and a chicks there standing to watching iam wrapping di ting in di cling

i feel that scenario... thats like me nowadays... dunno whether coz im getting older so i see as moving to girls on road is a small bwoy ting i dunno... that standing next to yeah yeah

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