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The Ball Watching Thread

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I just see the hottest ting I've seen this summer on the jubilee line

Face and body fuego everything else was on point hair nails toes (no lewis) in some breezy floral joint

Bih was a solid 9 and throwing the kind of signals that usually I would exploit without hesitation

So I'm standing by the door between carriages and she's sitting on the closest seat to me by the glass

Looking at me like


Not gonna lie I was straight disney frozen

2 stops later she got off was praying she got off at Waterloo

And now I feel like this guy


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say listen im willing to crash and burn in a packed tube in the hugh grant style just to get yr digits so how about it   then she says awkward   then the whole carriage says awkward   and u real

i see nice girls with waycemen n i cant help but take them im like whos this guy, im takin ur girl she can lose this guy    

The mum saw harmless Lens.   The dad saw the real Lens.

Same face I would pull hitting nails bird from the back casj


Porch there was no ice she was warm

You know them ones where every time I look up (bare in mind I'm on her left and she's sitting right of front of me) she was looking eye contact was made no awkward look away and she'd buss a little smile then turn her head and carry on looking straight

I just didn't do anything

Feel impotent don't know wtf is wrong with me

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