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The Ball Watching Thread


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Lens u could make some pees from ur knowledge u kna, write a blog

U tink about dat



LMFAOLens views on life>>you got a blog or something bro?

no, i express my views exclusively on here. /do You really think some1 would make that up?




sorry, ment to quote that thread and put it in here, not bump the threa


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Any chance you could give me a full list of these rules?



don't let them see You coming. the moment You approach them should be the first moment they see You. element of surprise and all. when they see You coming, they start to expect an approach, or they try to alter their path so You don't cross.


don't turn Your head to look at them, keep Your head looking forward and look across with Your eyes only. this is much more subtle, and less likely to alarm the girl that some guy is watching her. this also means they're not expecting an approach.


if they're walking, obstruct them so they have to briefly stop. this means they have to look at You, chances are they didn't see You before that.


if walking from behind Your target, walk in front of them then turn back, rather than approaching from behind, which is also alarming for a female.


if they're in a group, choose one from the group, stick to Your first choice, no matter what


talk to the whole group and wait to see who shows You the interest if You can't choose


if rejected, part on good terms, You will be in a good mood for the next approach You make.


as Bane agreed, no compliments, You just blend into the crowd.


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some of u man shouldnt b so shy u know. worst she can do is say no.


more time i dont wanna be that nigga contributing to her ego boost


agreed. I have a "no compliments" rule. compliments are counter productive, 


c/s on this one


they have heard it all before


can rationalise why u dnt approach females as much as u want, SOME of u are jus shy




Not about thinking what if later on


You don't take that shot, you have 0 chance of scoring a goal


Nothing to lose, approach in a friendly manner,  and worst they can say is no


Couple occasions I have had rude responses, and just had to shut them down


You can't let fear run your life


Got some guys in my circle, will see a girl and say shes nice, I will say go on then;


''You do it'' 




''i will see her again later''




''Need some alcohol in my system first''




Or will just state some obscure flaw they noticed and plucked out the air like a RVP takedown from a 60 yard pinged crossfield ball

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Guest chap44uns

btw i was tlkin about chappsindirects are for


I just wish I was 6'5 and well educated like yourself


all ur sends are kinda dead u know.

'like my music career'


So if I say your well educated iam sending yeah?

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But its likely she will know she is nice and gets regularly approached


Whats the point?




Saying ''You look nice'', instantly, is just putting her on a pedestal already


Just talk to her, humour her, and deliver your exiting lines


You can tell by her replies/body language if shes interested, if she's clearly not, just keep it moving


But everyone's got their own methods


I just don't see compliments as necessary 

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