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Summer Reading

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I know there's a book thread already, but it'd be dead if I post in there. Seeing as I have the summer off, I've got time for certain books I've been meaning to get through for a while now. Just bought a few of them






I've only just started reading Catch 22 for the first time as well.


What's on your list? Send through some recommendations, I've picked up plenty of good reads from you guys in the past.









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Im just starting Mein Kampf


well, when i can be bothered


gonna look for more, but i dont even know what i like, I LOVED recoil by Andy McNab, but dont know where to go from there, infact, there should be a film about it

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A long time ago, in Elizabethan England, a playwright named William Shakespeare wrote an epic space opera about a fierce battle between good and evil taking place in a galaxy far, far, away. Okay no, Shakespeare did not write the Star Wars trilogy, but imagine if he had. That's the premise behind Ian Doescher's new book, William Shakespeare's Star Wars, which translates the entirety of A New Hope into iambic pentameter and other Shakespearean prose.






i figure at least one person here might be interested

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Two most recent books I've read are 


Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J Edgar Hoover 

Viva South America


The Hoover book is really good, it gives you a good insight into how he shaped American attitudes that still exist today as well as giving you an insight into a certified wrongun who had a ridiculous amount of skeletons in his closet.


Viva South America is about a journalist who travels the continent following in the footsteps of Simon Bolivar ( a general that helped to liberate SA from the Spanish ) and looks at how he thinks each country has progressed. Would also recommend.

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Guest 90210

cant remember the book i read, but it was regarding a guy in america on death row. i think he didnt commit the crime, but he was waiting for his solicitor to file the papers for him to hold off on his hearing for him to be executed. long story short, i thought he was gonna get let off but he got executed in the end. :/

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This has just been released 100 years of black music in the capital





For as long as people have been migrating to London, so has their music. An essential link to home, music also has the power to shape communities in surprising ways.Black music has been part of London's landscape since the First World War, when the Southern Syncopated Orchestra brought jazz to the capital. Following the wave of Commonwealth immigration, its sounds and styles took up residence to become the foundation of the city's youth culture. Sounds Like London tells the story of the music and the larger-than-life characters making it, journeying from Soho jazz clubs to Brixton blues parties to King's Cross warehouse raves to the streets of Notting Hill - and onto sound systems everywhere. As well as a journey through the musical history of London, Sounds Like London is about the shaping of a city, and in turn the whole nation, through music.Contributors include Eddy Grant, Osibisa, Russell Henderson, Dizzee Rascal and Trevor Nelson, with an introduction by Soul2Soul's Jazzie B.




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To many - the Colombian, U.S. and the EU governments among them - the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is no more than a terrorist organization. Moreover, they claim that the FARC is only engaged in criminal activities and no longer maintains an ideology. But does this tell the whole story? Or can terrorism be a strategy for furthering ideological objectives - irrespective of how the terrorist actions may appear to contradict stated political and ideological beliefs? As the UN's special envoy to Colombia noted in 2003, it would be 'a mistake to think that the FARC members are only drug traffickers and terrorists'. Part of Zed's groundbreaking Rebels series, Garry Leech has written the definitive introduction to the FARC, examining the group's origins, aims and ideology, and looking at its organizational and operational structures. The book also investigates the FARC's impact on local, regional and global politics and explores its future direction. As someone who reported from the frontline in Colombia for many years and was himself kidnapped by the FARC, Leech offers an unparalled insight into one of the world's most high-profile armed revolutionary organizations. 'Rebels' is an exciting and innovative new series looking at contemporary rebel groups and their place in global politics. Written by leading experts, the books serve as definitive introductions to the individual organizations, whilst seeking to place them within a broader geographical and political framework. They examine the origins, ideology and future direction of each group, whilst posting such questions as 'When does a 'rebel' political movement become a 'terrorist' organization?' and 'What are the social-economic drivers behind political violence?'. Provocative and original, the series is essential reading for anyone interested in how rebel groups operate today.





A young gang leader is found stabbed on a Hackney estate - but two people confess to the murder.Ndekwe, an ambitious, newly promoted Detective Sergeant within a subtly racist police force, believes the more obvious of the two confessions: from McKenzie, a teenager from the estate with a police record of juvenile crime.But why does Jack Shepherdson - an ex-merchant seaman in his sixties - come forward with his own confession? Is he covering for McKenzie, his colleague in the bar they worked at? Or is there more truth in his statement than Ndekwe at first believes?As we listen, with Ndekwe, to their stories - to the lives of the segregated and unheard - a heartbreaking and suspenseful story emerges.

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