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Video games getting boring?

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I don't know if it's just me getting older and maybe growing out of them, but I find myself being truly entertained by fewer and fewer games. I've been a lifelong gamer since getting my first console (SNES) and have played consistently ever since. But I feel like gaming is becoming less and less about the gameplay and more about how much money they can pour into the production values.


I find games are trying to be too much like movies and forgetting that playing the game is supposed to be FUN.


I used to buy at least one game a month, now I buy one/two maybe three games per year if that



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Thats a pretty simplistic view of it all to be fair. I look at the games I enjoyed when I was younger and its true the mainstream games of today have changed a lot, but the emphasis here has to be on the "Mainstream games".


If I want to play games that are like the games I used to play as a child, the xbox arcade has many games that scratch that itch. The problem is I don't want to play those games, because they are just derivative incarnations of games I played almost 30 years ago. I've moved on, and so have my interests. Now I need more from my games, more drama, more story, better visual and sound, tighter controls. As I grow up, some games have grown up too, and I'm ok with that. Those are the games I pursue.


As for the constant argument I hear about games becoming more like movies, I'd like people to consider for a moment that it is movies that are becoming more like games.

Heres the thing; Over the past month I've watched Fast and Furious 6 (Need for Speed), Ironman 3 (Halo), and Star Trek: Into Darkness (Wing Commander). Now of course all 3 have game tie-ins that are undoubtably poor, but its easy to look at the summer blockbuster and think "That would make a great game" if it had the development time.


Only in a game would you think to race round city streets, power sliding round corners while firing guns. There are a thousand games with a man in a suit of armour who's job it is to save the world. What about dodging incoming fire from alien ships? This all sounds like games of today right? But these examples come from games from over 20 years old. Now, like I said before, we just have better controls, better graphics, and all that malarky.


Think of it like this; In the 80s Street Fighter came out, now, here in 2013 many people have an iteration of Street Fighter still in their gaming rotation. Not me, I can't stand that repetition (Hadoken 25 years later just doesn't attract me any more).


Someone will be saying that the likes of racing around city streets is something that was done in film long before the first computer game came out, to which one could argue that it was done in real life long before the first film. So in that sense its just art imitating life.


You are getting older, parts of you have changed and other parts haven't so much. Its much the same with games.

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