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Which console do you think you will eventually buy?

Which console do you think you will eventually buy?  

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  1. 1. Which console do you think you will eventually buy?

    • PS4, no doubt.
    • Definitely the XBONE
    • Still undecided but leaning towards the PS4
    • Still undecided but leaning towards the XBONE
    • I have no idea ATM.
    • I'm not entering the next generation. sticking with my PS3/360
    • Niether, getting the Wii U
    • Both

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xbox but microsoft is treating us like a link , a sidepiece, and they know will still buy it ,  plus we know a slimmer xbox will follow shortly late in 2014 .    why xbox, better software, games, 

i don't know at the moment, if things stay the same i'll get a ps4 if i get either. the only the MS idea works is if games cost about a tenner to buy and you just pay for all the extras, kind of like what they said they'd do with killer instinct.

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hopefull gen 2 xbox 1  removes all that stupid sh*t that is going to nuke gen1

if they don't i'll prob never buy one tbh


it's their terms though, that they can change it in any way at any time


could never trust them guys in that sense

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I've actually thought about this and leaning more towards the Xbone atm.  Although both consoles will be in my house by Xmas so it doesn't really matter.


Ignoring all those things that don't affect me apart from Region Lock and putting aside the principle of them being cunts.  I really do think they are attempting to change the scene.  In a few years time, Disk may be on it's last legs and it will all be downloadable content.  With BB getting faster every year, downloading games won't be a problem.  Games will be getting constant updates and your Xbox will be doing that automatically so it tries to save any waiting time.


The 3 games that i will most likely to play are : Battlefield 4, COD and Fifa 14.    All of these games have struck deals with MS.  With EA being partners with MS.


I assume, i'll be getting more than any PS4 user would be getting and it would be beneficial to me.  It will also help our Youtube channel.  Having things late, will cost me money.


MS also have the better set of games IMO.   When the Sony guy was asked about FF and Kingdom Hearts being exclusives, he dodged the question.  That same night, both games confirmed are going to be on Xbox.  Not to mention MGS was the first game MS pushed. 


Xbox confrence was much better in terms of games (Although Sony won) 


Online play will also be better (IMO ) and i just have a personal preference of the Pad now for games.


I still need MS to come out and explain why they feel they can charge £70 more than Sony.    Also their arrogance is something that makes me feel that they feel they have enough to get the upper hand on Sony despite all this. 



On the other hand with PS4


90% of my friends will have one.




Can trade games (I've only done this once in my life)


Don't need internet (although a console is dead without online)


More powerful console



Just worried that they won't they have the pulling power to compete with MS when it comes to getting exclusives on the big games.   I can't be having the best console but end up waiting for months for me to get what everyone else has.  That's just wrong.


Not in in a rush to get one,  time both consoles come out, i'll still be banging Fifa 14 on my 360 :Y:

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Not gonna lie, haven't bought a console since N64 and this is the first time I can actually afford to cop maybe both from the go.


Saying that, as a neutral with no allegiance to any of them, the PS4 is just swaying it for me.


I already built my high end HTPC so that will last me a while and can play the high end games on a medium setting but ain't really even touched most of them. Online is what's pushing it for me and I know most of my mates will have a PS4.


PS4 for me.

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The way I see it you buy a ps4 and support an open, diverse market or you get an xbox and confirm to Microsoft you'll put up with their corporate trollery. Xbox 1 needs to flop so they won't try this bullshit again.

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