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Yup... Avengers is the greatest comic book movie so far 

The dark knight was nowhere near on avengers levels. You lot just ate up the hype

Sin City >>>> ANY "comic book" film (whatever that is)

Got pissed off and went to sleep half way through, I wanted to watch Star Trek but a friend wanted to go to this so I went.

I will get slewed for this but I find these kind of films devoid of any intellectual story line, interesting characters and rather just pure ott 'fantasy violence' and corny clichés to satisfy basic people's bloodlust, like the X-factor of cinema.

Dark Knight is my kind of comic book film, Sin City I cant even remember but it was different.

Just speaks of my persona tbh, I know this, I don't like bullshit in my films, give me something tangible.

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Man of steel was decent


the fighting and CGI was incredible, the film dragged on a bit though


and the corny one liners were a bit much but its a comic book movie so it comes with the territory i guess 


story was average




The only issue I've got with the film is the corny lines. The film really lacks wit & the characters don't say anything memorable which is strange because the Batman films are filled with memorable lines. Also this Zod is pretty bland and I feel like Michael Shannons acting ability wasn't put to proper use. 


Apart from that though its sick.

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