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Heero Yuy

f*cking hell..

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Not sure if this was ever posted

Six teenage boys and a father have been jailed for up to six years in Holland for beating an amateur football linesman to death last year.

The death of Richard Nieuwenhuizen, 41, shocked Holland and the football world.

"The seven suspects are guilty of hitting the linesman's head and upper body," said judge Anja van Holten, finding an eighth suspect innocent of the killing.

Judges in Lelystad sentenced the 50-year-old father to six years in prison. Five teenage players were given two-year sentences in youth detention for their roles in the attack and another was sentenced to a year.

A seventh player, age 15, was sentenced to 30 days detention for assault.

The fatal attack took place on December 2 last year in the city of Almere, after the home team Buitenboys drew 2-2 with Nieuw Sloten from Amsterdam.

Nieuwenhuizen collapsed after the attack and was taken to hospital where he fell into a coma. He died the following day.

After the attack FIFA president Sepp Blatter said: "Football is a mirror of society and sadly, the same ills that afflict society - in this case violence - also manifest themselves in our game.

"Nevertheless, I remain convinced that football - through the example set by the tireless efforts of people like Mr. Nieuwenhuizen - is a force for good, and we must continue to use its positive example to educate people against these wrongs."

surprised this hasn't happened in England yet.

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Few years back a ref got his jaw broken in a local league by a players dad,

Remember when our first season of open age starters, ended up being a mass brawl which all the coaches came on to break up...

One crazy sub from our team just ran up from no where and wacked up their coach :rofl:

Was so fuckrey

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Guy from my team has just been allowed to play ball again. Knocked out a ref and got banned from saturday and sunday football plus a fine of around £300


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