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Bi Curious Me (Lesbian), C4, NOW

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Bi Curious Me (Lesbian), C4, NOW




With increasingly open attitudes to sexuality, for women, in particular, interest in same-sex relationships and 'bi-curiosity' are becoming more acceptable.
This documentary explores the stories of three women as they come to terms with changes in their sexuality and questions whether our new-found sexual freedoms make intimate relationships any easier.
Dating coach Hayley Quinn, who's 26, began to explore her own sexuality, prompted by her first partner's open attitude to sex and relationships. Now she dates men and women, often at the same time.
A recent partner holds a special place in heart however, and she meets him halfway across the world, but still takes her girlfriend with her. Hayley's approach to sexuality brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'complicated love life', but is she happier?
Jill is 57 and has been in a relationship with her husband for 25 years. She is about to leave him to embark on a new life, and she's not looking for a new man.
Her children, who are 23 and 19, have only recently been told about her changing sexuality as Jill's more pressing concerns are about leaving the family home and the life she knew.
Thirty-year-old Sophie has had two significant relationships: the first with a man and the next, unexpectedly, with a woman. Sophie had always thought of herself as straight; having a same-sex relationship raised complications and didn't prove as liberating as she had hoped.
Although the relationship ended, Sophie is still working through her feelings and is not sure if she will ever be 'out and proud'.

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