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Mame Biram Diouf

Dizzy Wright

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La’Reonte Wright (born November 26, 1990) is an American rapper better known by his stage name Dizzy Wright. He is best known for being signed to Hopsin's record label Funk Volume. He released his debut studio album Smokeout Conversations in 2012.



Album released last year


Smoked Out Conversations - 




Yo, call me a hard workin' nigga

I shouldn't use nigga cause that's what was used against us

But still I abuse it and use it, look how they did us

A lot of shit's changed, but something's installed in us

We can't figure out, the Willie Lynch gave them the in and outs

Will 'em look who's doin' all the fuckin' killin' now

We got that after slavery, nothin' you can say to me

Attitude with Malcolm X speakin' and teachin' bravery

Violence is only needed when you feel defeated

And parents, pay attention, it ain't cool to raise a demon

That's on lockdown, got out, and now he actin' hostile

You threw away your opportunities, nigga that's a cop-out

Not now, we can argue later, all in favor

Raise your hands if you deserve another chance

Fan of a fan, we sharin' the same things

We see the bumps in the road, we smoke and we maintain


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