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COMMENTARY | After THQ, the previous producer of WWE video games, filed for bankruptcy, 2K Sports picked up the promotion's gaming franchise. Critically renowned for producing excellent video games for sports leagues such as the NBA and MLB, professional wrestling fans and gamers alike have been eagerly awaiting the release of WWE 2K14. On the June 24 edition of Raw, the WWE revealed the cover of the video game, which features The Rock.


To see a picture of The Rock on the cover of WWE 2K14, you can click here. The WWE also announced it will be sponsoring a contest for the chance to submit alternate cover artwork that will be included with retail copies of WWE 2K14. Details on the contest can also be found at the aforementioned link. WWE 2K14 will be available for purchase on October 29 in the U.S. and on November 1 in Europe. But should The Rock be on the cover of WWE 2K14?


In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a fan of The Rock. During the Attitude Era, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was my favorite WWE wrestler. The Rock delivered some great promos and he was an awesome heel when he feuded with Austin. But with so much charisma, it was only a matter of time before The Rock turned face. Eventually, The Rock left pro wrestling to become one of the most successful actors in the world.

Professional wrestling is a grueling career. And anyone who can make more money in a less demanding profession has probably made a wise decision. But as a fan of the industry, I favor wrestlers like John Cena and CM Punk who have more matches in a week than The Rock has in a year. This is why I would prefer seeing a full-time WWE wrestler on the cover of WWE 2K14.


However, my preference for who graces the cover of WWE 2K14 does not answer the question I posed in the title. This is a business decision. There is a reason why The Rock has wrestled in the main event of Wrestlemania for the last two years. The Rock's crossover appeal with old school Attitude Era fans and today's action movie fans is unparalleled. Therefore, this is probably the correct decision for the WWE.


While many people complain that wrestling is "fake," there is nothing fake about the competition for status in the WWE and other promotions. Although the outcomes of matches are predetermined, every wrestler is competing for main event status, merchandise sales, and a bigger contract every time he or she wrestles or cuts a promo. So I'm sure the locker room is filled with wrestlers who wish they were on the cover of WWE 2K14 instead of The Rock.


If I were a WWE wrestler, I would channel my frustration about The Rock's Wrestlemania main events and the cover of WWE 2K14 into becoming an even bigger superstar. Obviously, the promotion is going to put its most marketable wrestler on the cover of its video game and I would just work harder to earn that spot. Regardless of who's on the cover, 2K Sports' strong reputation should make the WWE 2K14 video game a success.

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Wait wait wait...


Im back involved!! Forgot THQ were dead. 2K will revive the genre.

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