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Judging someone by his or her name?..


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You know that joke black womans name Shaniqua? Well I actually knew one. Know what she was? A goddamned sexual deviant with fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes and she was an all round general grimbag... Who let man hit it cos we was bored. 


We all know what this woman is saying but the fact is black people dont wanna be associated with no Shaniqua. And even the people that are associated with one have probably had the thought or made a joke on the subject.


Names should be about pride in your offspring, yes this woman is an extremist on the matter but people have and can be typecast because of their name.


Shame this world is so f*cked like that.

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Guest 90210

I was just waiting for her to say a black name or something... when she said geographical names, then switched it to like "london" or "basildon"... thats not what she meant; clearly wanted to say kweku and abdullukmarni.

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I've got a cousin called India, she's a little sh*t.... while her sister Tyana is an angel.

This woman is classic example of an ignorant fool.

It ain't really about the name is it it's about the potential negative influences of a kid with stupid parents

Obviously she's being odd goin on tv with it n there's no scientific formula but still every1 will do it at some point

If not then ur probably the kind of person she's on about

Mad how its so acceptable to be blatantly class oppressive but if she'd hinted anythin about race the world would stop

That's what that orange chap was on about with woah be careful about surnames

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