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Wayne Rooney Saga


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what im saying is as well as rooney would do at another club


being at united he wont do shit and hasnt done for 3 seasons from when he was in pheonix training on his ones because his hair fell out and man started getting worried thinking i should play for city


thats how you know fergie is a c*nt


brought him back dropped nani/berbs.... who were carrying the team and ruined 3 careers 


no point keeping man on 250k a week who offers nothing a player who would earn 50k and be happy on the bench and not ruin the football played by the side when he comes in would.


lol if he goes chelsea and score 20 goals, him not being at united would prob contribute to another 20 goals as he wont dead all attacking play, unless they sign fabregas who also loves to dead attacking play

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Moyes taking Rooney for any corn on the cob

We should cop him real quick




---Gibbs -- kos---mert--------jenkinson/Sagna


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Maybe trying to unsettle mata or luiz in preparation for a bid.

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The nearest this story possibly gets to the truth is that Chelsea made an unofficial and low-key enquiry and Man U said, well if you give us Mata in return as a cheeky riposte. Then someone in Man U PR department then "leaks" story that Man U have turned down a £10m + player bid where it could have been either Mata or Luiz who was offered as the "make weight


Makes most sense to me.

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