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Mr Invincible 49

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So lets play a game.... I ask a killer question.... Someone answers and they then post their killer question....


This works really well in person.... Lets see if it translates as well in a forum format...


Killer Question 1 = What would you prefer, If your son was [email protected] or if your daughter was a Prozzie?


Killer Question 2 = For £250k would you let 2 of your boys spit roast your sister (if you have no sister then female cousin etc)


Killer Question 3 = For £50k you would have to lead a [email protected] float at Notting Hill Carnival and parade around with a dressed as a member of the village people?

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Would you punch your mum in the face for £1mil


If it has to be full force then no, she could die.

 Cosign the above.... If it was a thunderous slap then maybe... But i cant be giving my mum one of those fight night haymakers to the boat.



Would you rather have the charm to be able to f*ck any chicks you want for the rest of your life or meet the PERFECT girlfriend who will never stray from you (but you can't cheat either or your c*ck will explode)??


Good Question.... I would say perfect girl. If i was younger like 18 or something then i would def pick the 1st options but im getting to the stage in life i wanna settle down. Plus i think you would soon get bored of it....half the fun is the chase right?

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The perfect girl


If you could live for 300 years would you? Youd be fit and healthy till around 270

But would I age proportionally? like when I'm 100 will I look 33? If so then maybe.


Need more info on this one... When im 270.... will i just be ill or would i be like a slug just on a life support machine for 30 years? And when i age will i look like some skeletor when im that old?



7 yrs on ur own though,,,,,with bears lions aligators n sh*t


f*ck tht

At least they won't try gang rape you.

If you survive you've only lost 7 years as opposed to 25

Def desert island...I know it would be hard but if i had animals on the island it would be even easier...i would just become one with nature on some tarzan hype until my 7 years is done.

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