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United close to Hargreaves deal

Nah Blud I

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all he has to win is the champions league as i said then he would of won they same things as scholesas i said lampard for england >>> scholes for england lampard now>>> england now
Lampard has 2 prem titles and 1 fa cup, Scholes as like 7 prem titles and like 4 fa cups.Lampards no where close to winning what scholes has won.Great players should want to win as much as they can.f*ck david batty is only one prem title away from lampard. Plus various other sh*t players
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-----------Carrick-------HargreavesRonaldo --------- Rooney-------------LWF------------------CF---------------------Could be very dangerous
No way would scholes be dropped.
I was talking about after him and Giggs eventually go, hence LWF and not Giggs
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champinons huh oh yeah 5th skn
Lampard was selected in the squad for Euro 2004 in Portugal. England reached the quarter-finals with Lampard having an exceptional tournament. He scored three goals in four matches and was named in the official Euro 2004 All-Star squad by the UEFA technical study group. With Paul Scholes's retirement from international football, Lampard finally became a fixture in Sven-Göran Eriksson's squad, scoring five goals during England's successful World Cup qualifying campaign(top goal scrorer), and wearing the number 8 shirt that Scholes vacated.
Also scored 1 less goal then scholes in 11 less games then him so Lampard for England >>> Scholes.Ive proven that with factsWhen Lampard wins the champions league he would of achieved everything scholes has and more.......
If you take the most shots, your gonna score. Lampards best attribute is his shooting ability. Scholes is a much more all-rounded player than him.How can you talk about goals when judging a CM?
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