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The Mesut Ozil Thread


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The Need For Mesut Ozil pt. I


Many people are saying that Arsenal weren’t in need of a player like Ozil. First of all, when a player is one of the best players in the world, you will most likely need him. Second of all, Arsenal last season had an issue of lacking directness from midfield. This is because players like Cazorla, Wilshere, and Ramsey like to come towards the ball and build the play rather than make runs in the gaps of the defense. Rosicky is Arsenal’s midfielder who did the best job of providing directness, but has had injury problems. Rosicky likes to dribble directly at a defense and go passed players, and he also makes runs in behind the defense. A problem with Rosicky though, is his offensive positioning. He looks to find space in between the midfielders and defenders of the opponents but he doesn’t do the best job of getting in a position within that space where a passing lane to him is created so he can receive the ball.

This type of play is exactly what Ozil can provide.

The picture above is one of Ozil vs Australia in the 2010 World Cup, where he first became known worldwide. In the picture, Ozil spotted a gap in the defense and made a run from midfield in behind the defense. He received a great ball but couldn’t finish it off. Ozil has the speed and the intelligence to make defenses pay for leaving gaps open, which other Arsenal midfielders lack. He will continuously look to exploit these gaps and either provide an assist or finish it himself. Ozil’s finishing has not been the best throughout his career, but last year he talked about really working on his finishing so he can score more goals, and last season proves he did just that. In the 2011/2012 season he scored 4 goals in the 2,570 minutes he played. In the 2012/2013 season he more than doubled that figure with 9 goals in the 2,058 minutes he played, and he will only keep improving.
Here is a video of Gary Neville analyzing the problems with lack of penetration and directness from the midfield of Arsenal. He also talks about how Arsenal teams of the past were great attacking teams who were very penetrative.
Ozil’s Intelligence
Ozil has world class touch and technique, but really his very best quality is his intelligence. He is an incredibly intelligent play maker. He doesn’t even need to touch the ball to create goal scoring opportunities.

Here is one example of his great movement. This is Germany vs Holland in the EURO 2012 tournament. In the red circle is Ozil, what he did here was he drifted out to wide positions, and when he did that the defensive midfielders of Holland (in the yellow) were worried that he would overload the flanks with Muller and have a 2v1 vs the fullback. So Ozil dragged the defensive midfielders (both of them came over to that side because Khedira was there too, Sneijder wasn’t tracking him) over to the side of the field, this left enormous amounts of space (in the blue) for Schweinsteiger to run into. When a world class player like Schweinsteiger has that much space in front of your goal, it will be dangerous. Schweinsteiger here played Gomez (in the white) through the defense and Gomez scored the first goal of the game.



Here is another example from the same match. Ozil (in the red) drifted out wide once again and dragged one of the defensive midfielders (De Jong) with him, this left Van Bommel covering large amounts of space infront of his 4 defenders. Schweinsteiger ran into this pocket of space (blue) that Ozil created and once again played Gomez through to score and give Germany the 2-0 lead. In this game Ozil was rated the flop of the match in Germany. This is because the general public don’t realize his influence on a match if he doesn’t get an assist or a goal, but in reality he created both of those Germany goals.




Here is an example of Ozil finding space and having good positioning. As you can see, Ozil has found a lot of space between the midfielders and defenders of the opponents, but what makes the difference is his positioning within that space so he can receive the ball. He moved directly in line with the center back (off screen) and received the ball in a clear passing lane. Once Ozil is in between these lines, even if its more compact than in the picture shown above, he has world class control and technique and can tear teams apart with passes, dribbling, or shooting from within this space.


Ozil’s work rate


As you can tell, Ozil has a great offensive work rate, constantly moving and creating/attacking spaces, but the main fault in his game is his defensive work rate. He can drift in and out of games because he fails to mark opponents defensive midfielders or track back defensively. This is one of the main reasons Carlo Ancelotti felt that Ozil didn’t fit into his squad. Cristiano Ronaldo is also not very active defensively, and a top tier team can’t afford to have two players not working on defense.

The way Ancelotti’s new system at Madrid is set up is in a 4-2-3-1/4-2-2-2 sort of mix.




In offense, Ronaldo would drift out wide to the left where he enjoys playing the most and Isco would come inside off of the left into a more central playmaker role. On the right, the right midfielder will move up and down that flank providing directness and also some width, while sometimes being able to cut inside and attack that “14.5 Zone” similar to Robben. This makes Madrid look like the similar sort of 4-2-3-1 shape, with one of the defensive midfielders also joining the attack, from last season. On defense, Isco leaves the central role and moves out to the left and defends that flank because he has a better defensive work rate than Ronaldo or Ozil. Ronaldo can stay up top with Benzema and defend vs. opponent center backs, which makes Madrid look like a 4-2-2-2 or 4-4-2 in defense. In order for Ozil to play the central play maker role he enjoys, he would have to work very hard defensively, which is why he doesn’t fit into the system. The system is built around Cristiano and making up for his lack of defensive work rate.




In the 2011 Champions League semifinals vs Bayern Munich, Ozil’s lack of defensive work rate was exposed by his opposite central play maker, Toni Kroos. Ozil stayed really close to the striker in the match, while Kroos noticed this and dropped deeper, this created a 3vs2 situation in the center of midfield in favor of Bayern Munich. This caused Madrid to be overrun in midfield by Munich. Madrid ended up losing on penalties to Bayern in that years semifinals.

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Is zelalem capped for his country?

Who is he playing for germany or US?

Will be a good under study to ozil still.

So gnabry and zelalem have been promoted to first team too




His registered at the moment is with Germany and he is playing for their U16 or 17s.


But no doubt America will try for him, altho I think Wenger would have already told him seek that as the only option before Ethopia.

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That game against Austrailia brought Ozil to Forum prominence


I enjoy reading your input, but please stop doing things like this.


You sound like my bredrins from college who would tell you "Yeah but I heard that song before you fam. You can't even listen to that. Know who showed you about that song yeah".



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Why did he bait himself? 

Arsenal have confirmed they are investigating "as a matter of urgency" whether academy coach Mark Arber bet on the signing of Mesut Ozil.

Former Dagenham and Dartford defender Arber, whose father Bobby has also worked for the Gunners as a scout, posted a Tweet on his personal account, @1Arbs, on Monday that suggested he had bet on Germany midfielder Ozil's impending move to the Emirates Stadium.
"Lovely bit of 14-1 Mesut," he wrote.
The Premier League club are now looking into the potential breach of gambling rules.
A club spokesman said: "We take this very seriously.
"All Arsenal employees and workers are well aware of their responsibilities in this respect and we are looking into this as a matter of urgency."
If Arber had bet of the arrival of the 24-year-old, who completed a club-record £42.5million move from Real Madrid late on transfer deadline day, the 35-year-old is likely to have broken terms highlighted in the Football Association's guide to betting rules.
The rules state: "You are not allowed to place a bet on a game or competition in which you have any influence, either direct or indirect.
"The above includes all bets related to the following: Any other events involving your club or other clubs playing in the same league competition (such as next manager markets)."


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