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Dispatches - Channel 4 11.05pm - How He Got Away With It

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Yea watched it but was using my phone same time so didn't concentrate, I'm sure a lot more stories like this will come out now we're more aware of pedophillia and how people with responsibility take advantage of vulnerable children.

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Its how they protected the beast that got to me. The constant coverup ,aiding and abetting to brush it under the carpet to spare the party name and stop potential donars who wouldnt want to be tarred with the whole sorry shit.


its fully known peadophillia runs rife in political government they all protecting eachother 


they know if one domino falls the whole stinking heap will follow.


so they all have to protect and cover up,nothing new..



the levels of power peados hold is scary,,just got to hope and pray when their time is up they will be going to a dark place

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