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The Fried Chicken Shop Channel 4 9:00pm

The Somalian

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That spotty ugly ting, the art student with her friend, is what drugs is she on? Face like a smack head, act like a coke head. Her name was Cee Cee I think??! I'd walk straight back out of any eating establishment if I saw her sitting there. Would put me off my food. Along with the elderly tranny.

THIS..she was fouuul.

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why was that big black brute kick off talking about it is his ends (have it on in the background so was not paying 100% attention?)


is he called nodz? heard he runs endz?




lol yeah hes nodz




And he was right to shut that group of fuckin d*cks up, hate the type of those cunts who come into places to eat after a night out drunk as fuck and start abusing the staff and customers tryna get lols from their mates

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