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Punter loses out on £8,000 accumulator bet winnings after Coral refuses to pay up - because THEY gave him wrong odds

Unemployed Oshane Grant, 42, of Bristol, was hoping to pocket £9,250
He was betting on goals in France, Serbia and Argentina football games
His £100 accumulator won but Coral only paid out £1,217 after its error
Clerk gave Grant odds for teams scoring four - rather than three - goals
An unemployed punter has lost out on more than £8,000 after a bookmaker gave him the wrong odds on a winning bet.
Oshane Grant, 42, of Easton, Bristol, was expecting to pocket £9,250 if France, Serbia and Argentina’s football teams all scored at least three goals in their World Cup 2014 qualifying matches.
His £100 accumulator with Coral came good when Serbia put three past Wales, France scored four against Belarus and Argentina smashed five past Paraguay in their games last Tuesday.
Mr Grant celebrated with a night out with friends before he had picked up his winnings. He was also planning on handing some cash to relatives and spending the rest on a car and decorating his home.
But he lost out when Coral refused to pay the full amount. The bookmaker admitted that a clerk had mistakenly given him the odds of the three teams all scoring four or more goals - rather than three.
They said they would only pay him £1,216.67 - the total he would have got with the correct odds.
But Mr Grant said: ‘I don’t want to hear their excuses. I would like them to give me my money. I went in there, asked for the odds which they had to telephone for and made my bets.
‘I had looked at the quality both Argentina and France were putting on the pitch and could see they had a good chance of scoring a lot of goals.
‘I don’t want to hear their excuses. I would like them to give me my money'
Oshane Grant
‘I also saw that Wales were unlikely to play Gareth Bale - who is one of the best players in the world - so knew they would struggle against Serbia.
‘I even asked if they were sure about the odds and they said “yes” so I staked more money than I would have normally. I even got the bookmaker to sign the betting slip.
‘I was so excited when the games finished. I went to the desk and they confirmed I had won £9,000 but said I would have to come back tomorrow to collect my winnings.
‘I was so happy and went out celebrating with friends. I gave away £200 to them because I was picking up £9,000 the next day and wanted to share the wealth.
‘I was planning to get a car for myself and fix up my home. It is a lot of money to me and I can’t just let it go down the drain.’
He added: ‘The silly thing is I would have made more than they are now offering me if I’d stayed with how I was originally going to bet before being offered these odds.
‘What I really can’t understand is that I can’t go to them when I lose and say I had made a mistake - but they can do it to me.’
A Coral spokesman said: ‘The bets were written as three or more goals, however the Coral member of staff has incorrectly applied the odds for four or more goals.
‘This is auditable and transparent as these markets are publicised on odds comparison websites and in newspapers so there is no dispute over this.
‘However, we sympathise with the customer and as the error was made by the member of staff we have offered to settle the bet at the very best prices available anywhere on the high street on the correct market requested.’
The spokesman said Oshane can contact the Independent Betting Adjudication Service and Coral will abide by their ruling.



So man is unemployed and is running £100 bets lol them benefit people will keep an eye on him now

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