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congrats we've all made it through another week


play the vid i don't care if your still at werk, this topic needs context, let your boss kno the time


autumn is here, winter is coming


we're finally rid of the indecisive grey smugginess of the past few months, time to buy your winter coats n clamp down


england at its best


what u doin at the weekend? are you hibernating for winter or goin all out? it's amsterdam season when you goin?


im off to a christening up norf which i accidentally bought £90 shoes for, need some more more up market gatherings for an excuse to wear em, anyone gettin married?


then on tuesday i am off to the island of ibiza i dont kno if you've heard of it


enjoy urselves plz


also i really need some sort of private torrent thingy waffle.fm / what.cd kind of thing


as a show of appreciation of me bringing you this topic and a possible incentive to create more plz provide me with this, im a good person to know

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oi u miserable bastards sort me an invite


this alldebrid shit can u get rare shit or is it jus bait music?

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Make some more beats 


Sort out my band camp, networking and find a designer to sort out a logo for my t-shirt and hat business

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