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+++Whos the best dj on this forum competition....+++

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drop ur mixes here no longer than a 30 min mix 



can be a link etc


mods will choose the prize .....heard its going to be good though....


i will drop mine tomoz going to party n record it later....reggae,roots etc












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which mug negged me



c wot i mean iceberg p*ssy antics happenin too often here

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classic grime vinyl mix. about 60 tunes in 87mins



Harry - Madrax
Sticky - Golly Gosh
Dexplicit - Change Formation (Hench 2)
Wiley - Ice Pole Remix
Dexplicit - Roll Wid Us Remix
Footsie - Prang Man
Macabre Unit - Crusher / Unit Jam (???)
Dexplicit - Pull Up Dat Remix
Low Deep - Spit Fire
??? - Gype Riddim
IMP Batch - Fusion (Gype Remix)
J Sweet - Kerb 2
Wiley - Fire Hydrant
Skepta - Mucktion
Young Dot - Bazooka Riddim
DJ Mondie - North Wheezy
Low Deep - Straight Flush
Wiley - Ice Cream Man
Dizzie Rascal - ??? (CLASSIC)
XTC - Ghetto Kyote
XTC - Ghetto Kyote Remix
Skepta - Misty Cold Remix
Dizzie Rascal - String Hoe
DJ Mondie - Pull Up Dat
Davinche - Phaze
Plasticman - Cha'
Terror Danjah - Haunted
Ruff Sqwad - Down
Dizzie Rascal - Goe 3
Terror Danjah - Piano Madness
Alias - Gladiator 2
DPM - Av Some of That
Lethal B - Forward Riddim (Mr Snowman Remix)
The Ends - Are You Really From the Ends (Remix 2)
J Sweet - Kurb
Big-E-D (???) - Frontline (Davinche Remix)
DJ Odds - Champion Remix
XTC - Baby Wipes (???)
JME - Production
TNT - Arabian Riddim
Andy Havok - Moving Target
Davinche & Jammer - K.DOT
Jon e Cash - Cash Beat (aka Hoods Up Dub)
Waifer - Grime
Jon e Cash - Invade
DJ Eastwood - U Ain't Ready (Clash Mix)
J Sweet - Ratz
Dizzie Rascal - Hoe 3
Young Dot - Taliban
Ruff Sqwad - Don't Trust
Davinche - Misty Blue
XTC - Misty Cold Remix
Low Deep - Jedi
XTC - Functions on the Low

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