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Have any of you had any sexual relations with your teachers?

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A married teaching assistant seduced a pupil more than 40 years her junior, a court has heard.

Grandmother Elaine McKay, 57, is accused of starting a sexual relationship with the 15-year-old boy who she was helping to teach at school.

She is also alleged to have incited the teenager, who cannot be named, to engage in sexual activity and to have shown him pornography.


Charged: Elaine McKay, 57, is accused of entering into a sexual relationship with the teenager, who she met while working at school


Suspended: Teaching assistant Elaine McKay appeared before Colchester Magistrates¿ Court on Tuesday accused of having sex with the minor


McKay faces three charges, the first of which is having sex with a boy aged 15, not reasonably believing he was 16 or over

The offences are said to have taken place between June 1 last year and May 13. McKay, from Clacton, Essex – who has been suspended from her job – spoke only to confirm her name and address at a hearing before Colchester magistrates. She did not enter any pleas and the case was sent to Chelmsford Crown Court to be heard early next year.

McKay, who has two daughters aged 26 and 29 and is understood to have two grandchildren, lives with her third husband in a £150,000 semi-detached home. She declined to comment last night.


Neighbours in the quiet cul-de-sac were unaware of the allegations she is facing.

One, who asked not to be named, said: ‘She is a lovely lady and this is a real surprise to me. She has not mentioned anything to people round here about the court case.’

McKay is charged with having sex with a boy aged 15, causing or inciting a boy to engage in sexual activity, and causing a child to look at an image of sexual activity for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification.


Clacton Coastal Academy: McKay was a teaching assistant at the school

She was granted bail until her next appearance on January 13, on condition that she does not have any contact with the alleged victim.


McKay was a teaching assistant at 1,700-pupil Clacton Coastal Academy where she had worked for five years.

Last night a spokesman for Academies Enterprise Trust, the academy sponsor, said: ‘We can confirm that a 57-year-old learning support assistant was suspended in May 2013 from Clacton Coastal Academy when allegations were first made known to the school of an inappropriate relationship with a student.

‘Since then the school has been working in close co-operation with Essex Police and Essex Social Services in support of their investigations. The suspension is a neutral act to enable fair and thorough investigations to be carried out by both departments and by the school.

‘Elaine McKay was first employed from September 2008 at Colbayns School which became Clacton Coastal Academy in September 2009. While the matter is before the courts we are unable to comment further.’


In court: The teaching assistant spoke only to confirm her name and address when she appeared at Colchester Magistrates' Court



Court date: McKay, of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, above, did not enter pleas to any of the three charges and the case was sent to Chelmsford Crown Court to be heard next year



would have love to have beat one of my teachers



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Nah, wasn't lucky enough to get teacher action.


1 time I was in my boys house though, his mum was the secretary.


We were leaving and he walks out the house 1st, I bend over to tie my shoe laces and his mum slaps my ass, real whip, I look at her and she's like


"Mums can do that"


all smiling and shit.



Her husband happened to be my football manager aswell though so wasn't even entertaining that if were on a plate.

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I always talk about this to certain bedrins but I had the chance in year 10

Was the only boy(that counts) in 1 of my lessons and I used to have a boner for the full hour from the rub ups/hugs/dry humps/lap sitting etc.... I used to have in that lesson

Teacher was quite young always on my case, sending me out of lesson and that... One day she was trying to do something and couldn't do it and I said I know how, she wernt having it...in the end I done it for her, she was so happs now after lesson I helped her put the shit away in the walk in cupbord now and she's bare apologising again, gives man a hug like you know them extra long ones.... Had that eye contact where you know its on and then my bedrin walked in and reality snapped back.

Was screwing but looking back I wernt ready cos I would of told everyone

In college one tutor was on me hard but she was like 60, some ex hippy lol but nah dead that

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Couple years ago in college we had one Spanish teacher for functional skills


my boy was proper on it, used to txt me during the lesson look at the backoff and shit like that


one day he told her he was struggling with the work and was dropping bare innuendos then he goes, 'can u help me with work at home' or something like that can't remember exactly. 


she didn't know what to say, was proper embarrassed, i think he actually thought he was gonna draw her.

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nah most my teachers were rough as houses down grove hill.

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Went to an all boys school and the senior staff had the requirement that all female staff had to be butters.


Remember that bit in Inbetweeners when Jay and Neil are perving over that nextly mediocre looking teacher, and Will says:


"She's not fit - I just think she's the only semi good looking female member of staff" ?


Well, I can fully relate to that.

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no but my lecturer asked me out to dinner

that woman should be ashamed, when im her age nothing under 18 is getting seduced

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