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Your life's most influential albums?

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How did these albums influence you guys though?

Thug 101 influenced me to make moooney I tell you that


When my mother threw away my crack platter I back slapped her she picked up the bat like Maguire for that matter hit me I was back at her

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(Bobby - Bobby Brown, 1992)









How do these albums influence you?

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All represented an era in my lifetime thus far.


The Bodyguard, Bobby & Thriller probably provided the foundation of my musical taste in addition to giving me that first feeling of 'Black Excellence'. I dunno how to articulate it, it just reminds me of my childhood, my parents looked like a young Whitney & Bobby back than too, it's crazy. Should added Fugees' The Score too.


Marshall Mathers LP was my puberty album. All that angst, immaturity, etc beautifully put together on record.


The College Dropout came literally at the perfect time. I just dropped out of college albeit for a year, coming into my own as a young man, hungry for success & feeling no way about my confidence & ego, etc. Making shit happen in an unconventional way.


Home Sweet Home was what Boy In Da Corner SHOULD'VE been to me but unfortunately I wasn't deep into grime until a lil' while later. I was really trying to break into music management around those times & a big Kano fan so the album was a soundtrack of mine too. 


So Far Gone & PartyNextDoor? Influenced me in the sense it reminds me of my childhood/the 90's whilst coming together with modern, fly shit lifestyle which is how I try to live my life. The whole New Jack Swing thing principle, hard to explain....

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any genre?


All of these albums I knew word for word. All of these albums along with some others formed the soundtrack to my growing up. The W, Blackout, Marshall Mathers LP all came at a time when friendship groups were changing at school and these albums were major during that time. The W, Blackout and 2000BC were a few of the first hip hop albums I ever really listened to and they formed my opinion on what I deem to be a good rapper now

All of these albums edified me. Boy in da Corner marked a very  significant time in my life and reassured me in a way.

All of them are a part of me

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great thread



two most influential albums for me





these albums showed me what it was to really go left and make the truly original music you want to make, at the risk of alienating your fanbase


great art of course, always reigns supreme








Marcberg showed me what it was to just do your thing and create a world of your own no one else had a pass to.  if that world was real enough, people would be waiting at the gates trying to get in.  some may call this a throw back album, but it is so much deeper than that.  he has perfectly distilled a time and a place like he never even left it.


Grafter, if you haven't heard this one i suggest you take a listen, well up your street trust me

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I have my dad's Vinyl collection to thank for these






























These things were constantly playing in my house growing up.


My dad didn't do much but God Damn he delivered on the music.

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