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Diego Costa Confirms He Will Play For Spain

Mame Biram Diouf

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When we played City, Fernandinho elbowed Costa in the back of the head (caused a bit of bleeding iirc) at 1-0


Costa didn't have a petulant kick out at him or any of that nonsense, waited for HT instead :lol:







Costa >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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The days of Arsenal banning a ref from taking our games, left with David Dein.


Wenger made sure Costa got a ban, if Costa never got banned after those words I'd be joining the Wenger out brigade as it would tell me he's finished and not rated at all.


I expect Dean will probably get, Arsenal easily expected to get 3 points games from now on.

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I don't care for Costa. What about the f**king ref?


Disgraceful job he done. I don't care what anyone says. Game was f**king 0-0 before he screwed us. Defeats like last season and the season before I can accept.


Can't take this one you know...


Let me be clear. The 6-0 I don't accept and Wenger bought himself some time with the back to back FA Cups because I was Wenger Out until we thrashed Villa 4-0.

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6. He’s not a great neighbour: “On one occasion,” says an official from loan club Albacete, “they had a porn movie blaring out [in Diego’s apartment] and the poor woman came down to tell them to turn the volume down. ‘What’s the matter? Don’t you like making love?’” Costa asked.



9. His ‘LOL bantz’ game is strong. Assuncao relates a typical ‘hilarious’ gag: “Diego got a big bottle of water and put it on top of a newspaper showing a picture of a topless model. He called Maniche over and said, ‘If you look through the bottle you’ll see a naked woman’. Just as Maniche was bending over to take a look Diego squeezed the bottle and soaked him, saying, ‘How on earth do you expect the poor girl to take her clothes off if you’re watching?’”




h jj sfjsf js dk





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Slapping koscielny i guess

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Don't understand why this was rescinded was a reason given??

Yesterday I heard someone say Arsenals lawyers where able to prove he was provoked, but that wouldn't make sense, so it's probably a bit like Eduardo where they argued you can't prove the claim using all the evidence.

Yes there is the pic of his leg in the air but they probably said he was trying to walk backwards and didnt expect Costa to not move. Lol I don't know, Arsenal clearly have the best guys out of Stamford Hill.

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How they rescinding it when the assistant gave it? So he obviously saw it.

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nah fuck costa, deserves the ban


gabriel doesn't coz imo he was never the aggressor and truth be told, that back heel was absolutely bullshit, stupid thing to do yeah but it's nothing, laughable and was never a sending off ting


mike dean was just abusing his powers and wanted to be centre of attention


do you know what's mad about all this & why costa fucked himself


he did it to probably the softest and nicest ballers in the pl

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