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Customising google search for your website

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How do I make my website pages appear together like this on google search, instead of it being several single links all the way down




I remember trying before but it wouldn't let me


Or does it automatically do it based on hits?

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 there's a few ways


but i have asked u personal questions in the past n u completely blanked me so im in two minds about this


check out the google keyword tool


u can check the search trends n competition of various terms n those related n find out which are the best to go for n how realistic it is ul do well


preferably ud design ur site around them


read up on meta tags, luckily my developer allows me to just manually pop them in without having to deal with html cos its all way over my head


the other way i kno is to search for ur term in google, select the 'more' dropdown menu to refine ur search to news, blogs, videos, sh*t like that


most of it will be spam nonsense that other people are using for search engine optimisation themselves (i guess thats what its for), u need to spam your website url in the comments


i dont really understand what im doin but everytime ive done this sh*t ive shot to the top of google within a few weeks, but obvs it only works if there's demand for ur site


if u can say what kind of website n what kind of subject uve got i should be able to help

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What questions? If they were 'personal' then yeah I probably avoided answering sorry.


I appreciate the help though.


However, I'm not sure I follow. I just wanted to know how 'whatever', 'the music room', 'electronics den' etc all come under vip2 search link. Instead of it being separate links on one google search page.


In terms of meta tags, yeah I think I have them part of html. I don't wanna change any coding for anything, I'm done with all of that. I had to work with trial and error for most of it and it was the most tedious thing I've ever done.


I was at the top of google search until another company has come along with the same name and taken the spot.

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