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Man jailed for murder to be released after 34 years - because the sister of sole witness says testimony was a lie 

Kash Delano Register, 53, was accused of killing Jack Sasson in LA
Brenda Anderson testified she had seen Register carrying out the murder
Her sister told police she was lying, but they defense was not told
Over three decades later Register was finally vindicated
A man jailed for murder is to be released after 34 years - because the sister of the sole witness said her testimony was a lie.
Brenda Anderson testified in 1979 that Kash Delano Register, 53, had shot dead her elderly neighbor Jack Sasson at his West Los Angeles home. 
But more than three decades later Anderson's sister Sharon took the stand and said the account was a lie.
Vindicated: Kash Delano Register, surrounded by lawyers at the Superior Court in Los Angeles, sobs as he is released 34 years after he was jailed for murder - because the sole witness' sister said her testimony was a lie
Yesterday a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge threw out the murder conviction. 
Brenda Anderson, then 19, had told police she saw Register gun down Sasson in his carport from her window - Sasson's girlfriend she said was with him at the time of the shooting, reported the LA Times.
His release came after another of Anderson's sisters Sheila Vanderkam, typed Register's name into a convict website search in 2011 and was horrified to discover he was still in jail due in part to her sister's testimony.
She tracked down Register's attorney and told him her sister's eyewitness testimony was untrue something she and Sharon Anderson had tried to tell police in 1979.
According to Vanderkam, at the time of the shooting, her sisters had just hidden a package of Avon products they had stolen from a neighbor. 
Sharon Anderson said they heard shots, but they could not get a clear look at the shooter because they were too far away. 
Court papers said at trial none of the seven fingerprints found on Sasson's car matched Register's. 
Police never recovered the murder weapon - they did seize a pair of pinstriped pants from Register's closet, which had a speck of blood smaller than a pencil eraser.
Overcome: Register's mother, Wilma Register, pictured centre, wept uncontrollably as her son was released
But the blood type, O, matched bath Sasson and Register.
Vanderkam worked at the same LAPD station as the detectives investigating the shooting and claimed she tried to tell one of them that Brenda Anderson had lied.
'The detective placed his finger over his mouth (like a shush sound) and just stared at me,' she said in her declaration. 'He made it very clear to me, without actually saying anything, that I was to stay out of it.'
Her sister Sharon also told police that they had they wrong man - even when police threatened to lock her up for the stolen Avon package, she did not relent, 
But police and prosecutors never disclosed what Sharon Anderson said to the defense, Register's attorneys said. She did not testify during his trial.
Register who had refused to admit guilt during his parole hearings, put his head on the table as the ruling was made yesterday while his mother wept.



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Guest Chelsea Jack



34 years in pen, thats my older bros age, his full lifetime in pen you know...FUCK

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Crazy, I hope he gets a ridiculous payout even though it can never be worth 34 years of your life. At the very least he should live luxury for the rest of it. 


Shocked no one has picked up on his name though... Lmao

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I've brought this up before but smh at the payout these guys got:



Clarence Harrison:

Clarence Harrison: Clarence was convicted in 1987 for rape, robbery, and kidnapping in Decatur, Georgia. Clarence was interrogated about a rape, solely based on rumor. The victim positively identified him in a photo lineup, later proven to be mistaken identification. He was exonerated after GIP found a slide from the original rape kit and performed DNA testing that confirmed that Clarence was not the perpetrator. He was the first man exonerated by GIP and was exonerated in 2004 after serving nearly 18 years in prison.

Atlanta --May 17, 2005


Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue ® has signed into law legislation to financially compensate Clarence Harrison for nearly 18 years of wrongful imprisonment.

Spearheaded by State Rep. Stephanie Stuckey Benfield (D-Decatur) in the House and State Sen. Horacena Tate (D-Atlanta) in the Senate, the resolution will pay Harrison $1 million over the next 20 years.


Robert Clark:

Robert was convicted of rape, kidnapping, and armed robbery in 1982. The victim positively identified him in a photo lineup and in the courtroom, even though the actual perpetrator was in the courtroom at the same time. (Robert is 5 or 6 inches taller than the real perpetrator). DNA testing proved that Robert could not be the perpetrator; the DNA matched a man already in prison serving time for sodomy and cruelty to children. Robert was 21 years old when he went to prison and spent 24 years wrongfully incarcerated, more than half of his life.

Atlanta - May 27, 2007

Today Governor Sonny Perdue signed into law a measure that will compensate Robert Clark $1.2 million for his nearly 25 years of wrongful inprisonment.


Clarence Harrison:

  • 1 million$ / 18 years = 55 555.56$

  • 55 555.56$ a year.

Let's break that down a little bit.

  • 55 555.56$ a year. There's 8 765.81277 hours in a year.

  • 55 555.56$ / 8 765.81277 hours =

  • 6.34$ an hour for every hour incarcerated.

Robert Clark:

  • 1.2 million$ / 25 years = 48 000$

  • 48 000$ a year.

And we break it down again.

  • 48 000$ a year, and there's still 8 765.81277 hours in a year.

  • 48 000$ / 25 years =

  • 5.48$ an hour for every hour incarcerated

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34 years in pen, thats my older bros age, his full lifetime in pen you know...f*ck


my man 20 he'll be home when he's 35


i'd tell them to keep my bed warm, cut the lying bitches head off and stroll back to the pen whistling a tune



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guys are getting minimum wage rates for each hour of their minimum wage sentence




surely they must prosecute the witness for false testimony?


also i'd use every penny of my compensation money to SUE THE FUCKING BITCH

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