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would u eat horse meat ?


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There is no difference, so in a world where using other sentient beings for food we might aswell use them to do something productive


for example did you know two black men can wash a whole shop front in less than 2 minutes? Most of them are unable to communicate but we have methods to teach them to carry out their work correctly, its extremely humane because the conditions they live in are larger than their legs

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local that's a different argument but whose on top between people changes over time.

Whats the difference? What does that even mean?

How is it an argument for compassion and empathy towards a weaker, exploitable, more primitive people?

Humans can be prey or predator depending on the circumstances

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Dyou know what, I have no real moral reason to say no, except for my personal love of horses, and that may have to be it.


I think as a race we need to have a sit down and serious think about the treatment of animals and the alternatives to using them for meat.


The effects to ecosystems and the natural world is quite devastating..


You a veterinarian or considering becoming one?


No, though it is a career that interests me, why?


It interests me as well...

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c/s cipher


by 2015 doubt I will be eating meat


how many of you actually raise a chicken for x period of time, feed it every day, then eventually pick it up carry it off and kill it yourself, then pluck it and eat it? I wouldnt 



thats why eggs >>>>


they just fucking pop out



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