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Horatio Caine

new smileys!!

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lupe1.png:fackk:- stopit.png:pshh: - wtf.png  :wtf:   - cryfam.jpg:crying:- ufdup.png:pissed: -sadbron.png:crying2:- kanyelaugh.png:LOOL: -1b7KG.png:naa: -ZrmjG.png-:yes:m8k5t.gif:chill:-peE4Q.png:what:-bR43p.png:thisguy: -BCw7N.png; surprised:- scaledphpserver696filen.png:beleedat: - od1e9.png:noway:- tg5Ws.png:haha:-03Ia7.jpg:nohomo:-u5jgX.png:myman:-void0-33.gif:klkl:-hsjHx.png:hmm: -KP4IM.png:reallydoe: -



mods i beg,add some of these to the smileys page :)


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