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Barkley /#PLHype

The Infamous

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Great talent

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Made 64 passes

18 completed forward passes

Rest all backwards

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Barkley takes too long on the ball and never looks up

Way over rated


Overrated in what sense?


He is a stand out player for his age


With a large amount of potential


Allow it



Barkley has been better than Deulofeu for me, and Deulofeu is the highest rated talent in the last 4 years to come out of La Masia. Thats how good Barkley is.


Nah wouldn't go that far


Deulofeu >>>>>


Barkley ability and potential wise is up there though

Bane the president of dust. Deulofeu and Barkley :lol:


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On 10 December 2013 at 3:28 AM, The Infamous said:

Dont want to derail to topic but this is why we won't agree Deulofeu is a way better football player. Different players but his first touch and close control>>>barkley

Mersey side aint produced anyone since wayne rooney. Do u know how many next rooney gerrards they have had.

Agree to disagree. Dont think Barkley will ever be that good. wilshere at the same age was way better lol there is so many players better than barkley who are the same age

c/s this guy

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