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Chicago Rapper Has Own Mother KIlled

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Qawmane Wilson, a Chicago Rapper Young QC, hired his friends to kill Yolanda Holmes, his mother, for financial gain. Law enforcement arrested Wilson, 24, and friends Eugene Spencer and Loriana Johnson, the driver in the murder of Holmes, an owner of an upscale salon.

Prosecutors said Wilson wanted Holmes, 45, out of the picture to access her bank accounts and life insurance policies. Wilson ordered Spencer, 22, and Johnson, 23, to carry out the September 2012 hit while his mother lay asleep in her apartment with her boyfriend. Holmes died from a gunshot to the head and stab wounds, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Soon after arranging the hit, Wilson took advantage of over $90,000 in bank accounts and two life insurance policies to begin living a life of luxury.

Splattered over his Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts are pictures of the rapper with stacks of cash. In one video, the rapper and his “entourage” visit a Chase bank to take out $1,000 which turns into $20,000 – after which he visits a local park to throw money in a crowd. Young QC turns up in many of the images with blunt in head, flashy jewelry, guns, cars and often saying that other rappers “aren’t on his level.” A quick look at his accounts show that his former fans are now showering his page with shock instead of the usual adoration.

Investigators caught on to Wilson’s lifestyle and pieced together clues that resulted in charges of murder and home invasion to be filed this week.




So fucked, on instagram flashin his dead mothers money, some of the comments are deep.





While u tearing hundreds nah a nigga gonna be tearing yo a**hole up you sick fuck. The woman that born you, you plotted her death. All for some money, I would say you don't deserve to live but giving you the death penalty is far to easy. You need to suffer and rot in jail u ignorant dumb bastard. Me and my mom could get in the worst argument in the world, I would Neva Eva in a million years think of doing something like this it would even cross my mind. The things people do for money. I guess money is the root of all evil @youngqc you sick fuck





Killed your own MOTHER for po dunk hamsterdam canal street jewelry, a cheap ass mustang and some social media followers!? Smmfh...what fucks me up is the fact that ya homeboy didn't body you for even asking him to kill your mom...





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