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Bumpy beats 4 the Garage raver! support Low Steppa, Booker T.


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We kick of the year at Nuwavonic with a slammin bumpy 2 track EP for the House & Garage ravers
courtesy of UK producer Jay Havelock with label honcho Andy Holder taking control of the mixes. Enjoy


Listen/Get at copy at Traxsource: http://traxsource.com/title/256626/mid-central-city-dubz-vol-1-incl-andy-holder-mixes


Low Steppa - soundin sick thanks bruv! love your moonraker mix
Smokey Bubblin B (Flex FM) - All i can say is SLAMMIN STUFF!!!!!!!! Defo gonna support these mate! keep them coming good to hear some new beats from you!
Groove Assassin - Very nice ! Defo feelin the vibes..
Booker T - love the tracks bro
4Peace (Juiced Music) - What's there not to like?!!! Just in time for this weekend's gig! Gonna drop the garagestick on em!
DJ Impact (londonpleasure.fm) Tuuuuuuna!!!!!!! Andy that 'vibe' moonraker mix is getting abused on the show.
John Julius Knight - Nice One Andy bumpy bump!!


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